How to add your Revolut account to our mobile app - BoroBit

How to add your Revolut account to our mobile app

1. Open the BoroBit mobile app on your device

2. Select the 'Accounts ' tab

3. Press the + button to add a new account

4. Select Revolut bank from the list of banks

After choosing a Revolut bank, the Revolut mobile application will automatically open, where you can give BoroBit , as a representative of 'Iris Solutions Ltd.', access to your Revolut accounts.

5. Give BoroBit access to your Revolut accounts

You can choose which of your accounts you want to add to the BoroBit app.

6. This process ends successfully in the Revolut system

Please press the 'Back to BoroBit ' button to return to the BoroBit app.

7. The added bank accounts are available in the app

The process of adding your Revolut accounts to our app is complete with this step. You may notice a slight delay in displaying balances when they are first added. In these cases, please be patient while our systems finish synchronizing the information. If you prefer to speed up this process, you can follow the instructions in step 8 to manually sync the balances for each of the added accounts.

8. Manual update of account balance

The system automatically synchronizes the balances of your accounts at the time of their addition, as well as several times a day. As explained in point 7, there may be a delay in synchronization when an account is initially added. If you need up-to-date data on your balances and don't want to wait for automatic synchronization, you can manually synchronize your account balances at any time.