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General questions

We are a Bulgarian startup that developed a platform to improve the financial health of Bulgarian citizens, families, and small businesses. BoroBit is a project with a mission to enhance the financial well-being of Bulgarian citizens through accessible technological solutions. After two years of working on the project, we are ready to introduce our solution.


We are currently in the "early adopters" stage, meaning that anyone who joins us now will not only get free access to the application but will also become an active part of our mission. By using BoroBit, you are not just managing your finances but also contributing to the development of a tool that will help all Bulgarians improve their financial health.


BoroBit is more than just a multibanking app; it is a comprehensive solution for managing personal, family finances, and the finances of small businesses. It is entirely in Bulgarian, specifically created for Bulgarian citizens. It integrates with all banks and fintech companies in Bulgaria, allowing centralized management of finances.


BoroBit is more than a standard financial app – it is like having a convenient financial assistant in your pocket, which facilitates the management of finances. It helps you improve your financial health by offering convenient solutions for managing all your finances in one place - from personal and family to your company's finances.


Importantly, the app allows families to work together on their financial management and education, including involving children in the process.


This application is for you if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You want to manage your personal finances more effectively.
  • You wish to involve your family in managing family finances, including educating your children about finances.
  • You are a small business owner and want centralized management of your business finances.
  • You recognize the importance of improving financial health in Bulgaria and want to contribute to the development of a tool that benefits the entire society.

We would also like to share that BoroBit is not just a business project but a social commitment, as we strive to include diverse groups from society. We offer various organizations the opportunity to provide their employees, clients, and students with tools to manage their finances and those of their families. This is how we expand our mission of financial health among as many Bulgarians as possible. This includes banks, universities, non-banking financial institutions, and businesses in Bulgaria.


If you manage a business and want to provide your employees and their families with a valuable tool for managing finances, presented as part of your company, BoroBit offers a solution. This adds value to your social package by allowing your employees to benefit from BoroBit's financial tools, associating them directly with your company.

Currently, BoroBit is available exclusively in Bulgaria, as our mission is focused on improving the financial health of Bulgarians. However, we are open to expanding our presence to other countries in the future if suitable business opportunities arise. Our goal is to offer our services where they can bring added value.

To get in touch with the BoroBit team, you can send an email to info@inabut.eu. We also offer a real-time chat option in the app, which can be found in the "Menu" tab. This gives you the opportunity to receive quick assistance with any questions or issues.

Technical questions

В момента BoroBit е в период на early adopters, като предлага своите услуги безплатно на всички потребители. Това е начин да се отблагодари на потребителите за тяхната обратна връзка и участие в развитието на приложението. Детайли за бъдещи абонаментни планове и техните предимства ще бъдат обявени след края на този период.

Да, в рамките на нашата програма за early adopters, всеки, който се присъедини към BoroBit през този период, получава възможността да използва приложението безплатно докато BoroBit съществува. Това е нашият начин да изразим благодарност за ценната обратна връзка и подкрепа в началните етапи на развитието на BoroBit. Ранните потребители играят ключова роля в оформянето на нашето приложение и затова награждаваме тяхното доверие с постоянен безплатен достъп.

Security and privacy

The register of licensed payment institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as their branches and agents (according to Article 19 of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act), can be found on the website of the Bulgarian National Bank at https://www.bnb.bg/RegistersAndServices/RSPIPublicRegisters/index.html.


Inabit Ltd., the owner of the BoroBit trademark, has entered into an agreement with the licensed payment institution Iris Solutions Ltd. for the provision of the service under Article 4, paragraph 8 of the PSPSA, specifically for access to account information.


For more information, you can read the terms and conditions at https://borobit.com/obshti-usloviya or contact us through the communication channels provided.

You should not share your online banking username and password with anyone. The process is as follows - to add your bank accounts to the app, you need to have online banking activated, but you should not share your username and password. When BoroBit redirects you to your bank's online banking system, you simply need to log in (this happens within the bank's system) and explicitly specify which of your accounts you grant BoroBit access to view the balance and transactions. Every authorization expires after 90 days; if you do not renew it, then all your data for that particular account will be deleted from BoroBit. This process is supported by all banks within the European Union. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Finance management

Currently, we do not plan to include the ability to initiate transfers directly through our platform. Our focus is on developing innovative features based on user financial data to facilitate the improvement of their financial health. However, we are open to feedback and, with sufficient interest from users, we may consider adding such functionality in the future. We are actively working on developing and implementing new features that are based on user needs and feedback.

Subscriptions and price

Currently, BoroBit is in an early adopters period, offering its services for free to all users. This is a way to thank users for their feedback and participation in the development of the application. Details about future subscription plans and their benefits will be announced after the end of this period.

Yes, as part of our early adopters program, anyone who joins BoroBit during this period gets the opportunity to use the application for free as long as BoroBit exists. This is our way of expressing gratitude for the valuable feedback and support in the early stages of BoroBit's development. Early users play a key role in shaping our application, and therefore we reward their trust with permanent free access.

Support and training

To receive assistance with issues using BoroBit, users can contact us via email at info@inabit.eu. For those who prefer real-time communication, we offer a chat functionality within the app. This option is available through the "Menu" tab. This ensures quick and convenient support, guaranteeing the best experience for our users.