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Business Innovations

BoroBit Finance

Enhancing the Financial Health of Your Clients and Employees

Enrich your business solutions and services by integrating our innovative technology for managing personal, family, and business finances into your business model and digital world.

Our Technology in Your Business


SDK Integration

We provide SDKs for Android and iOS, enabling you to integrate our solutions directly into your mobile apps, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience.

API Integration

Our APIs give you the flexibility to utilize our solutions in a way that best fits your strategy and technical infrastructure.

Customized Mobile Applications

We are at your disposal to create custom mobile applications fully tailored to your business. We develop a unique application that not only carries your brand but is fully tailored to your business needs and strategies, offering your clients integrated access to our innovative solutions through an interface that aligns with your values and customer experiences.


BoroBit App Branding

We offer a unique integration opportunity allowing you to leverage our B2C application for your users. As a user associated with your organization logs in, the app automatically adjusts its appearance, adopting your logo and corporate colors. This option offers the fastest and easiest way to integrate, while at the same time reinforcing the visual presence of your brand with every user contact.

Who Our Solution is For

Providing Financial Autonomy and Resilience for Your Clients and Employees


Enhance your mobile banking platform by providing your clients with advanced tools for managing personal, family, and business finances, including options for multibanking.

Non-Banking Financial Organizations, Brokers, and Others

Expand your services by incorporating personalized financial solutions and tools that allow your clients to actively manage and optimize their finances and investments.

Educational Institutions

Prepare your students for the realities of managing their finances and investments by providing practical tools and experience.

Any Organization Aiming to Support the Financial Well-being of Its Clients and Employees

Whether you're a startup, an educational platform, a social organization, or another business, our solution can contribute to improving the financial health of your users and clients, adding value to your community or platform.

The Problem We Solve

An Ally in the Fight for Innovation and Customer Satisfaction in the New Era of Open Banking

Supporting banks and other organizations to stay competitive by offering innovative and appealing services without overburdening their IT departments.

Key Benefits

The Value We Add to Your Business

  • Rapid Integration and Innovation: Quickly and efficiently add new services without significant investment and time on your part.
  • Customer Engagement: Enhance customer engagement and loyalty by offering them complete control and management of their finances in one place.
  • Cross-Selling: Utilize our platform to sell your products and services directly through the application.
  • Valuable Data: Collect data on your clients’ financial behavior, assisting you in creating better products and services.

Use Cases

Real scenarios where we add value

For Banks

Keep your clients engaged and satisfied by providing them with a powerful tool for managing their finances across all banks, doubling as a platform for selling your products.

For Educational Institutions

Help students understand and practice financial management skills in a safe and controlled environment, preparing them for the real world and its accompanying challenges.

Other Businesses

Support your clients and employees with smart tools for improving financial health, accessible directly from their smartphones. Strengthen their loyalty and long-term relationship with your business.

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BoroBit is your finance ally.