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About Us

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Our Мission

At BoroBit, our prime mission is to support our compatriots on their journey towards enhancing their financial health by providing innovative and accessible technological solutions in the realm of personal, family, and business finances.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every individual has complete control and understanding of their finances. We aim to shake the foundations of financial inequality by democratizing access to tools and knowledge that empower people to build their economic stability and prosperity.


We are a small Bulgarian IT company with a big heart and ambitious goals. Our team of professionals is dedicated to changing the way people perceive and manage their finances. United by a shared vision of improving financial well-being in society, our team combines technological advancement with a deep understanding of the diverse financial needs of individuals.

With our solution, we aim to become not just a provider of financial management tools but a true partner in your financial journey. We believe that together we can build a sustainable future, ensuring well-being and security for you and your family.

Our motto is “A giving hand never becomes poor.”

Your Financial Health, Directly from Your Smartphone

BoroBit is your finance partner, providing smart solutions for management and control straight from your smartphone. Our platform is crafted to help individuals nurture their financial health and build a sustainable future. Join the change and strengthen your finances today with BoroBit!

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