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How much do we pay for bank fees?

Човек плаща банкова такса в клон на банка

Imagine you’re at the cash register in a store and reach for your debit card to pay. To your surprise, payment declined – insufficient stock. At such a moment, without hesitation, you take out the spare credit card that you keep “for rainy days” and cover the sum of 65 BGN.

When you get home, you log into online banking to check why the transaction was declined. Yes, indeed, the amount in your checking account is insufficient because you are about to be paid. But what else do you see? BGN 80 is missing from your credit card, not BGN 65, as you paid a while ago in the store. You start to wonder where the other 15 BGN went. After calling the bank, you find out that this 15 BGN was taken by the bank in the form of an “inactivity fee” because you did not use your credit card last month. An unpleasant feeling after you know that you additionally pay a service fee for the credit card of BGN 50, and now periodically a new fee of BGN 15. You are left feeling bitter and decide to close your credit card.

Moments like these make you wonder if you really know what you’re paying your bank for. In Bulgaria, there is already an application that helps you see clearly and comprehensibly all the fees that banks charge you.

Know how much and why

  • Find out how much you paid for bank fees during the month: See the total amount that banks charge you every month.
  • Find out how much each bank charged you: Analyze the fees by bank in detail.
  • Find out what types of bank fees you pay.
  • Receive financial advice from artificial intelligence: AI analyzes your finances for the month and provides you with a summary financial analysis.
  • Reduce your spending on bank fees.
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Find out how much you pay the banks right now

Fast, easy and secure. Integration with your bank.

  • Add your bank accounts to the app.
  • Ask the BoroBit AI assistant to analyze your finances for the month.
  • The report is available in the app and via email.


We are a Bulgarian startup that has developed a platform to improve the financial health of Bulgarian citizens, families and small businesses.
BoroBit is a project with a mission to improve the financial health of Bulgarian citizens through easily accessible technological solutions. After two years of work on the project, we are ready to present our solution.

We are now at the "early adopters" stage, which means that anyone who joins us now will not only get free access to the app, but also become an active part of our mission. By using BoroBit, you not only manage your finances, but also contribute to the development of a tool that will help all Bulgarians improve their financial health.

BoroBit is not just a multi-banking application, but a comprehensive solution for managing personal, family and small business finances. It is entirely in Bulgarian, specially created for Bulgarian citizens. Integrates with all banks and fintech companies in Bulgaria, enabling centralized financial management.

BoroBit is more than a standard finance app – it's like a handy financial assistant in your pocket that makes it easy to manage your finances. It helps you improve your financial health by offering convenient solutions to manage all your finances in one place - from personal and family to your company finances. Most importantly, the app allows families to work together on their financial management and education, including children in the process.

This app is for you if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You want to manage your personal finances more effectively.
  • You want to involve your family in managing family finances, including educating your children about finances.
  • You own a small business and want centralized management of your business finances.
  • You recognize the importance of improving financial health in Bulgaria and want to contribute to the development of a tool that benefits the entire society.

We would also like to share that BoroBit is not only a business project, but also a social commitment, as we strive to involve diverse groups of society. We offer various organizations to provide their employees, customers and students with tools to manage their finances and the finances of their families. This is how we expand our mission for financial health among as many Bulgarians as possible.

This includes banks, universities, non-bank financial institutions and businesses in Bulgaria.

  • If you run a business and want to provide your employees and their families with a valuable financial management tool presented as part of your company, BoroBit offers a solution. This adds value to your social package by allowing your employees to benefit from BoroBit's financial tools, associating them directly with your company.

A register of the licensed payment institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as their branches and representatives (under Article 19 of the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems) can be found on the website of the Bulgarian National Bank /PSPaymentOversight/PSPaymentOversightRegisters/index.htm

Inabit EOOD, which is the owner of the BoroBit trademark, has a contract with the licensed payment institution Iris Solutions OOD for the provision of the service under Article 4, Item 8 of the General Tax Code, namely for access to account information.

For more information, you can read the general terms and conditions at or contact us on the indicated communication channels.

We do not currently plan to include the ability to order transfers directly through our platform. Our focus is on building innovative functionality based on users' financial data to make it easier to improve their financial health. However, we are open to feedback and, with sufficient user interest, may consider adding such functionality in the future. We are actively working on the development and implementation of new functionalities that are based on user needs and feedback.

BoroBit is currently in an early adopter period, offering its services for free to all users. This is a way to thank users for their feedback and participation in the development of the application. Details of future subscription plans and their benefits will be announced after the end of this period.

Yes, under our early adopters program, anyone who joins BoroBit during this period gets the opportunity to use the app for free for as long as BoroBit exists. This is our way of thanking you for your valuable feedback and support in the early stages of BoroBit's development. Early adopters play a key role in shaping our app, and that's why we reward their trust with continued free access.

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