Borobit at the Forefront of Enhancing Financial Health

Borobit at the Forefront of Enhancing Financial Health: Insights from IRIS Open Talks

BoroBit взема участие в Iris Talks на тема финансово здраве

In a recent gathering that brought together bright minds in finance, fintech, and academia at Sofia Tech Park, Borobit proudly participated in the third edition of IRIS Open Talks. The event, moderated by Milena Hadjiivanova, founder of Mindset Power Talk, delved deeply into important topics such as the demographic crisis and the key role of financial education in improving the financial health of Bulgarians.

The discussion highlighted the serious demographic challenges facing Bulgaria, emphasized by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Bardarov from Sofia University, and focused on the importance of financial literacy as a tool for national development. Emphasizing Bulgaria’s opportunities to overcome its demographic problems, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bardarov outlined a comprehensive approach that encompasses education, healthcare, employment, income, infrastructure, security, justice, and immigration.

The managing partner of IRIS Solutions, Galya Dimitrova, expressed optimism about the prospects of Open Banking in Bulgaria and its expansion on a global level. With expectations for a significant increase in the users of Open Banking services, Dimitrova emphasized the importance of enhancing financial literacy for the successful utilization of these opportunities.

Our platform, BoroBit, was highlighted for its innovative role in promoting financial literacy. During an in-depth conversation with Prof. Daniela Bobeva, the focus was on empowering individuals to become “ministers of their own finances” through informed decision-making and debunking common financial myths.

The partnership between BoroBit and IRIS Solutions is a testament to our shared commitment to advancing financial education and maximizing the use of Open Banking. We believe in the importance of informed financial decision-making and strive to facilitate this process for our users.

In line with our mission to improve the financial health of Bulgarians, BoroBit is actively seeking ways to make a positive impact, guided by the idea that knowledge is the foundation of financial independence.

Inspired by IRIS Open Talks, we at BoroBit are committed to continuing our work to expand financial literacy. Let’s move together towards a financially better future.