BoroBit shares a vision for digital personal finance at an event at UNWE - BoroBit

BoroBit shares a vision for digital personal finance at an event at UNWE

Turning Personal Finance in the Era of Digital Technologies: BoroBit at the UNWE Forum on Security and Sustainability

In a world where digital technologies are transforming every aspect of our lives, managing personal finances becomes increasingly critical for individual security and sustainability. The BoroBit team participated in the public discussion “Digital Personal Finances – Security and Sustainability!” held at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE).

Innovations and Visions: Digital Personal Finances in Focus of Expert Discussion

The event brought together leading experts in finance, including Elena Miteva from OECD and Elitsa Ivanova from the Ministry of Finance, as well as Stefan Vitanov from BoroBit, who presented BoroBit’s innovations and vision for the future of digital personal finances.

Moderated by Irina Ilieva from the “Junior Achievement Bulgaria” foundation, the discussion emphasized the need for creating secure and sustainable financial practices in an era dominated by digitization. Topics included the challenges and opportunities that digital technologies present for personal finances, as well as the role of regulatory bodies in protecting consumers.

Stefan Vitanov shared innovative approaches that BoroBit applies to improve financial literacy and provide safe tools for managing personal finances. He emphasized the importance of education and transparency in the sector, as well as the need to create sustainable financial solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Understandable and Accessible: Together Towards Better Financial Management

Our goal is simple: to make finances understandable and accessible to everyone. We work hard to offer consumers tools that genuinely help them manage their money better. This is how we contribute to a society where people can achieve more in the financial world.